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Introducing STBS™
"Sealed Thrust Bearing System"

Buy Tighe "Most Innovative Design"
BLADE Magazine Award 2012

Damasteel Canada
Damasteel Canada RWL 34 inc. is now the Damasteel & RWL 34 Distributor in Canada
Call 905 892 2734 or email: to order

Brian Tighe's Quality Folding Knives and Belt Buckles

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Damascus gentleman folders,Titanium Belt Buckles,Engraved Belt Buckles, Custom Belt Buckle, Liner lock folding knives, High Tech Tactical knives, Fancy Engraved Knives, Automatics,Frame Lock, Button Lock, Button Lock Flipper, Ivory scales, Ancient Ivory,Engraving, Anodized Titanium liners,Timascus,Black Timascus, Black Ti, Zirconium, Gold screws, Pearl Scales, finest blade steels, Damasteel, RWL 34, BG 42,Sealed Thrust Bearing System,STBS™. A top quality made knife requires far more than just great materials, it requires skill and expertise and a strong background in metals, heat treating and structural design further enhanced by years of solid experience in the custom knife making trade. An added benefit is availability to high level engraving artists who are fully capable of accenting top grade hand made knives to suite a clients tastes, from the finest of detailed scenes to the most powering gold inlays and relief engraving through to the complete classic traditional formats. From start to finish all Brian Tighe knives are built to the highest standards and are guaranteed to satisfy even the most discriminating knife collectors.
Good craftsmanship means proudly standing behind your product! Brian Tighe

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